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    Student Housing on NTU Campus

    NTU Halls of Residence are home to some 14,000 undergraduate students. This community forms a massive family unit, actively engaging in social exchange and mutual help. Living in a hall is a unique experience that can only be reminisced about.

    The halls of residence offer similar styled accommodation. With the exception of Halls 1 & 2 which offer shared suite-style attached shower and toilets and Nanyang Crescent Halls (Saraca, Tamarind and Meranti) have some single rooms with attached shower and toilet , all halls have gender specific communal showers and toilets. All halls are co-ed by floor or wing and offer single and twin-sharing rooms. Twin-sharing rooms are shared by residents of the same gender.

    Rooms are furnished with a study table, chair, shelving, bed, mattress and wardrobe per resident, and are equipped with network points connected to the university's computer network.

    All rooms at Halls 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16 and some rooms at Crescent Hall, Pioneer Hall, Binjai Hall, Tanjong Hall, Banyan Hall and Nanyang Crescent Halls are fitted with air-conditioners on a pay-for-use basis.

    Every hall has communal facilities like lounges, air-conditioned reading rooms, pantries and laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers.

    Current rental fees (subject to revision) on per-person-per-month basis in various halls in NTU are as follows:

    Type of Room

    Rental Fees

    Single Room (Non Aircon)

    $390 - $430

    Single Room (Aircon)
    $415 - $465 
    Twin-sharing Room (Non Aircon)

    $265 - $305

    Twin-sharing Room (Aircon)            
    $305 - $340
     *Single Room (Attached bathroom and Non-Aircon)  $525
     *Single Room (Attached bathroom and Aircon)  $605

     * Room types only are available at Nanyang Crescent Halls (Saraca Hall, Tamarind Hall & Meranti Hall)

    The rental fees are subject to revision in August every year.  Please visit this website for rental rates for each Hall :

    New students in NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar Programme (TSP) assured of a place in a Hall of Residence must also submit their application. Students in this programme are assigned to either Crescent Hall or Pioneer Hall. 

    New students may indicate their preference for either a single or a twin-sharing room, air-conditioned or non air-conditioned room. Assignments to preferred room types are subject to availability from the rooms set aside for new students. Applicant will be assigned to another room type if his/her preferred room type is unavailable. Due to the limited vacant twin-sharing rooms available, there is a high possibility that successful students and his/her successful room mate who wish to stay together are not allocated to the same room or same Hall.

    Alternative off-campus accommodation arrangement such as Online Portal and private Student Hostels are also available:

    i)     Off-Campus Accommodation System (OCAS) on HAS website. You could access with your network username & password issued by NIE.
    Office-campus accommodation guide book:

    ii)    EM Real Estate Pte Ltd offers furnished single/ shared rooms. For more details, please contact telephone number (65) 6275 8880, email or visit their website:

    iii)   Westwood Hostel which provides student apartments at Jalan Bahar. Please contact at telephone number 6795 8864, email: or visit their website:

    iv) Browse through the local newspaper The Straits Times, classified section on 'Rental'.

    For more information on hall living, please visit the website at

    Housing for NIE Higher Degree Students

    Graduate housing is home to some 1400 higher degree students. The Halls are co-ed by floor or wing and offer single and double occupancy rooms. Rooms are furnished with a desk, desk chair, shelving, bed and wardrobe per resident. There are internet connections in each room.

    Full-time NIE higher degree students may apply for graduate housing in NTU. Admission to Hall and room for NTU/ NIE higher degree students is by balloting. Priority in allocation is given to incoming new higher degree students on research programmes who have not domiciled in Singapore before. In view of limited places on-campus, submitting an application does not guarantee a place.

    New NIE higher degree students can apply for graduate housing when they receive their letter of offer of admission. We regret that the application exercise for graduate housing has closed on 27 November 2020. Please note that all successful applicants will be informed through email from 15 December 2020 onwards.

    If the number of successful applicants who applied for specific room type exceeds the supply, applicants may be assigned to a room type different from his/ her choice. Unsuccessful applicants shall be automatically placed on the waiting list and be offered rooms as and when vacancies arises.

    Allocation of Hall and room is final and request to change room/ Hall will not be entertained.

    Unsuccessful applicants and applicants in need housing on immediate basis are advised to look for alternative off-campus housing arrangement:      

    i)     Off-Campus Accommodation System (OCAS) on NTU Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services (HAS)’s website. You could access with your network username and password issued by NIE.

    Off-campus housing guide book:

    ii)   EM Real Estate Pte Ltd offers furnished single/ shared rooms. For more details, please contact telephone number (65) 6275 8880 or visit their website: 

    iii)  Westwood Hostel provides student apartments at Jahar Bahar, a short bus ride from NTU and NIE. For details, please contact: (65) 6795 8864, email: or visit their website: .

    iv)  Browse through the local newspaper The Straits Times, classified section on ‘Rental’.

    For more information on hall living, please visit the website at

    Off Campus Housing

    If you will be living off-campus, you should begin your search for housing well before your arrival or intended move-in date.

    Searching for Housing

    The university does not offer or manage any off-campus housing. Housing Services, however, maintains an online Off Campus Accommodation System (OCAS) to assist students with their search for off-campus housing. OCAS is a listing of housing options available for rent.

    For Rent Listings

    The Off Campus Accommodation System (OCAS) is an online listing of rooms offered for rent maintained by NTU as a service to students.

    The Straits Times, the main local newspaper includes a classified section with rental listing - look for the section on 'Rental'


    Jurong West, Boon Lay and Jurong East are neighbourhoods near NTU and are for this reason popular with NTU students

    Singapore Street Map

    Locate Singapore streets, buildings and addresses with

    Public Transport Journey Planner

    The Public Transport Journey Planner can help you estimate how much it costs to travel to and from NTU.

    Disclaimer: The information and contacts provided by the Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services (HAS) is to assist you in your search for housing. It serves only as a guide and has been gathered in good faith. Housing Services does not endorse, guarantee, warrant or recommend the accuracy of the information or necessarily subscribe to any such opinions or recommendations.

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  • Determine Your Needs...

    5 initial questions to ask yourself
    • Do I want a furnished or unfurnished room or apartment?
    • How much rent can I afford to pay?
    • Is the location suitable? Safe? Are there shops & eating places nearby?
    • Is it convenient commuting to campus?
    • Do I stay on my own or with one or more roommates?
    Locating Roommates

    Choose your roommate(s) carefully. Consider study habits, social habits, lifestyles and living expectations. Discuss all issues and come to a mutual agreement with your prospective roommates before deciding on your living arrangement.

    Looking for a Place
    • Use the Off Campus Accommodation System (OCAS)
    • Explore opportunities under the university's Public Folders under 'Buy & Sell'/'Rent'
    • Go through the Classified Ads in the newspapers
    • Ask friends (grapevine)
    • Enlist the help of a property agent
    Speak with Prospective Property Owners...
    Questions to ask them
    • What is the monthly rent?
    • When and how is payment made?
    • Is a deposit required and how much is it?
    • Is the deposit refundable?
    • Are utilities -- hot water, electricity, gas, trash -- included in the monthly rental?
    • Are pets allowed? -- if so, what type?
    • Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?
    • Are you able to sublet and/or add tenant(s) to the lease?
    • Are there any additional charges?
    • Any special rule that you are required to follow?

    As a tenant, ensure that you have a good understanding with your landlord of mutual responsibilities and expectations.

    Lease / Moving In and Out - Do's & Don'ts
    • Read the entire lease with full understanding before you commit to it.
    • Document agreements (repairs, painting, etc.) and ensure that notations of them are signed on all copies of the lease.
    • It is advisable to issue a cheque, money order or bank cashier's order for payment.
    • If you are making cash payment, ask for a receipt!
    • Sign an inventory which lists all the items provided by the landlord.
    • Ensure your rights as a tenant are protected and spelt out clearly in the lease.
    • Before you move in, inspect for damages with the landlord or property agent in order to avoid any subsequent misunderstanding.
    • When you leave at the end of the lease period, request to again make an inspection with the landlord or property agent for any damages.
    • With this documentation, you will be assured of claiming your security deposit fully.