Student Life

  • Welcome to an exciting and rewarding campus life in NIE.

    NIE encourages all student teachers to participate actively in as many institution-wide/university-wide activities as possible.

    We believe that an active student life on campus will not only help you develop new ideas and skills, but also build a happy disposition and fond memories. With active involvement in student life on campus, it is hoped that student teachers will experience holistic teacher preparation and continue to foster strong ties with NIE upon graduation.

    There are many opportunities to meet and work with like-minded individuals on meaningful projects at NIE. To date, there are nine student clubs you may choose to actively participate in: Trainee Teacher's Club, (TTC); Club ArNex; Bachelor of Science (BSc) Club; Chinese Language Education & Research (CLEAR) Club, Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Club; Service Learning Club (SLC), Tamil Language Club (TLC) and Malay Language & Cultural Society (MLCS). NIE encourages the establishment of new clubs and societies as it feels that diversity in student activities will greatly enrich our campus environment and the lives of our student teachers and staff.

    We want to build a more vibrant campus at NIE than it is now, and we believe we can achieve this objective. To this end, a brand new Student Centre is coming up in NIE, ear-marked to be completed by August 2006. This Centre will be a hub for student sharing and activity serving to centralise the efforts of different student clubs, Institute initiatives and external organisations. The Centre will enhance the quantity and quality of student life on campus.

    Student Life on campus is what you make it. Choose to make it fun!

  • The Nanyang Technological University Students' Union (NTUSU) is the supreme body of students in NTU (including NIE). Membership of the NTUSU is automatic for the following categories of student teachers in NIE:

    • Matriculated student teachers who are reading a full-time undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor's degree;
    • Student teachers not holding a Bachelor's degree who are reading a full-time course of study leading to a diploma, the duration of which is not less than two academic years;
    • Graduate student teachers pursuing a full-time course of study leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, the duration of which is either one academic year or, in the case of a candidate specialising in Physical Education, two academic years.

    The NTUSU consists of 16 constituent bodies, of which the Trainee Teachers' Club is one. Only student teachers who are members of the NTUSU are eligible for full membership of the Trainee Teachers' Club.

    Student teachers of NIE other than those defined under ordinary membership and students from other schools in NTU may apply for affiliate membership subject to the approval of the Management Committee and recommendation of the Advisor of the Club.

    The main role of the Trainee Teachers' Club is to promote and safeguard the interests and welfare of student teachers in NIE. The Trainee Teachers' Club comprises 8 sub-clubs:

    Together with its sub-clubs, the Trainee Teachers' Club organises a range of social, sports, cultural and educational activities for student teachers.

    The administration of the Trainee Teachers' Club is vested in the hands of an elected Management Committee. The elections are held annually. The Committee members hold office from the date of election until the next occasion upon which a new Committee is elected.

    The Club's Management Committee operates with the advice and guidance of two Club Advisors. Director NIE is the Chief Advisor whilst an academic staff from NIE is appointed to be the Second Advisor.

  • Besides the Trainee Teachers' Club, there are other student organisations in NTU which cater to a variety of interests among NTU students and NIE student teachers. Details of NTU student clubs and societies can be found at More information can also be found at NTU Student Affairs Office's website at

    There is one club in NIE that is not a constituent club of the NTUSU but is registered with the Registrar of Societies as an independent student body. This is the Malay Language and Cultural Society. Their sole purpose is to promote Malay Language, literary, cultural, educational interests and activities in NIE.

  •  The NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore (N2ETS) 

    The NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore

    The NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore (N2ETS) 
    From left: Ms Yusrina, Mr Jeremy and Dr Saravana

    The NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore (N2ETS) consisted of Ms Yusrina Ya'akob, Mr Jeremy Tong and Dr Saravan Pillai, who embarked on a 77-days expedition to scale the highest mountain in the world. Ms Yusrina, a NIE alumni from the PGDE PE programme, led the team throughout the expedition, together with 11 local Sherpas. 

    On 22 May 2017 at 9.30 am (local time), Yusrina together with two Sherpas, made a team effort and reached the summit of Mount Everest! Yusrina was Singapore's first Malay female to summit the mountain.

    Featured article in NIEWS:

    Video featuring N2ETS:

    Service and Leadership Training (SALT) Bhutan 2020
    SALT Bhutan 1
    NIE's SALT Bhutan 2019 Team 

    NIE's Service and Leadership Training (SALT) was established in 2016, with the purpose of providing our student teachers with a unique opportunity for both personal development and international exposure in interdisciplinary training through overseas immersion experiences.

    SALT Bhutan 2019 was led by Mr Jopescu Toh, a student teacher from BA (Ed) prorgamme and Ms Nurfatin Azni, a student teacher from BSc (Ed) programme, who led a group of student teachers and NIE staff. The project was organised in collaboration with Paro College of Education (PCE), Royal University of Bhutan and a local school, Utpal Academy. 

    Featured article in NIEWS:

    Featured article in VOICES, Page 14 (student contribution):

    NUS IPS Bicentennial Conference 2019

    The Bicentennial Conference 2019 was organised by NUS Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and held on 30 September and 1 October 2019. The conference was designed to examine Singapore's 200-year history since the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 and delved into the older story of Singapore as a bustling emporium. Another important aspect of the conference was the examination of the evolution of governance in a successful post-colonial state. Three of our student teachers from the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Programme participated in the 2-days event that was held locally in Singapore. 

    Featured article in VOICES, Page 10 (student contribution):

  • The NIE Wellness Centre provides psychological services and counselling to National Institute of Education student teachers.

    Individual services are provided in areas such as:

    • educational and learning difficulties
    • relationship difficulties and family problems
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • fears, phobias and panic
    • life changes and adjustment difficulties
    • eating problems
    • stress, grief and guilt
    • children's behaviour and management problems
    • educational and learning difficulties assessments
    • vocational assessment
    • personality assessment

    Group counselling and crisis intervention services are also available.

    Services are by appointment and do not require a medical referral.

    More information is available on the NIE Wellness Centre's webpage.

  • The National Institute of Education seeks to nurture student teachers who will lead, care and inspire. Hence, our teacher education model prides itself on being holistic, developing not only pedagogical skills and content knowledge, but learner-centred values, positive teacher identity, and a spirit of service to the teaching profession and to the wider community, both in Singapore and beyond.

    Since 2002, the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) has been a vehicle through which our student teachers have developed positive values and 21st century competencies. Through 34 projects, 642 of our student teachers have travelled to China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines, working with local communities in these countries through service-learning projects. These ventures and adventures abroad have had various objectives: infrastructure upgrading, teaching, exchange of knowledge and skills with teachers, environmental conservation, and cultural exchange. Our student teachers have come away with compassion, humility, other-centredness, resilience, adaptability, determination, commitment, enterprise and a better sense of mission.

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