MyCLOUD - A Seamless Chinese Language Learning Environment Leveraging on Ubiquitous Technology and the Construction of Mental Lexicon

Project Number
OER 17/10 WLH

Project Duration
June 2011 - February 2014


In this proposed design-based research project, code-named MyCLOUD (My Chinese Language ubiquitOUs learning Days; in Chinese: ????), we intend to mobilise the formal Chinese Language curriculum for Primary 3 to Primary 5 in Singapore by designing holistic MALL experience mediated by 1:1 (one-tablet-per-student) setting. The design will be informed by the notion of seamless learning (a notion that advocates learning that encompasses formal and informal contexts, personal and social settings, physical and digital spaces, and so on) and second language acquisition theories. Each student will be assigned a tablet computer in 24x7 basis. However, instead of prescribing a learning model developed solely by the researchers for teachers to adopt, we will facilitate dialogues between research and practice by only proposing a high-level techno-pedagogical design framework, which will be followed by engaging teachers in concrete pedagogy co-designing sessions where their practical competences and experiences will be respected. Such a balanced approach is the key to achieve our eventual aim of settling the learning design into the school ecology and scaling it up to more schools. In addition, a MyCLOUD platform leveraging on the mobile and cloud computing technologies will be developed for the purpose. That will make parts of the features of the platform available to students who do not possess tablets but still could use their school and home computers to access it (i.e., a non-ubiquitous version of MyCLOUD learning model will be developed) - thus significantly increasing the scalability of the learning model. The learning model and the platform are intended to be curriculum independent that it can be customised to fit future national curriculum reform. Our focus is to develop new classroom pedagogies and students' individual learning practices that enable genuine deep CL learning.

Research Themes
Seamless Learning

Funding Source

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