Comprehending Reading Comprehension: An Intervention in P4 Reading

Project Number
OER 09/10 RS

Project Duration
December 2010 - March 2015


A prior, linked project, OER 29/08 RS, is an investigation of student outcomes in reading comprehension at P4 level in a local primary school. That project integrates the reading strategy Questioning-the-Author (QtA) (e.g. Beck & McKeown, 2002; Beck, McKeown, Sandora, Kucan, & Worthy, 1996) with negotiation for meaning (NFM) (e.g. Pica, 1994) to encourage teacher-fronted and peer discussions which enhance critical thinking and reading comprehension skills (cf. Van den Branden, 2000). The prior, linked project is on schedule for delivery of results on student test scores (due Aug, 2010) and classroom interaction (Jan, 2011). Although final results are not yet available, findings related to opportunities in teacher development and the teaching of reading comprehension at primary level in Singapore schools have been determined. Therefore, the school has asked the project team to begin a teacher development project starting with the new school year – January 2011. In order to engage in a follow-up teacher development project and to investigate the efficacy and sustainability of the PD (a crucial area of interest for OER), a research and teacher intervention project is proposed. Working collaboratively with the school, a 3-year project is planned. Specifically, the intervention will a) assist classroom teaching in understanding and using QtA and NFM and b) lead to sustainable, school-based teacher development. (School correspondence attached, Appendix 1.) Briefly the intervention will include four stages with two ‘generations' of teachers: 1) direct instruction by the research team, 2) reflection and adaptation undertaken collaboratively with the research team and teachers (with lesson planning and in-situ teaching, observation and interviews) 3) lesson study undertaken by the teachers with support from the research team as needed, and 4) leadership in which the 1st generation of teachers become the ‘leaders' for the 2nd generation of teachers. The highly collaborative nature of the project is both significant and unique, as well as indicating a strong commitment by researchers, teachers and school administrators. It also meshes with OER, NIE and MOE goals of school-based curriculum development and educational reform.

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