TEO Chin Soon Peter

Associate Professor

English Language & Literature (ELL)

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Research Interests
Critical Discourse Analysis, Writing Pedagogy, Classroom Discourse Analysis, Critical Literacy

  • Having started out in his career as a language teacher in school and now a teacher educator at the National Institute of Education in Singapore, Peter Teo has had the privilege to view teaching from both the practice and theory perspectives. His postgraduate education in Macquarie University in Australia and Lancaster University in the United Kingdom has also afforded him a critical lens with which to view sociocultural and sociolinguistic phenomena.

    His current work, both in teaching and research, converges on fields like Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and topics related to critical literacy and language pedagogy. He has published articles in Discourse and Society, Critical Discourse Studies, Visual Communication, Linguistics and Education, Language and Education, and Journal of Writing Research, and has co-edited four books on language teaching and discourse analysis published by Pearson-Longman and McGraw-Hill, respectively.