KEE Ying Hwa

Associate Professor

Assistant Dean, Higher Degrees by Research

Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL), Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

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Research Interests
Flow, Mindfulness, Psychology of Motor Control and Skill Acquisition

  • Designation
    • Associate Professor  
    • Assistant Dean, Higher Degrees by Research

    Short Bio

    Dr. Kee is currently the Assistant Dean, Higher Degrees by Research at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. He teaches sport psychology, motor control and learning, and research methods as a faculty member in the PESS Academic Group. He also serves as Co-Editor of the International Journal of Sport Psychology from September 2017 Prior to joining NIE as an academic staff, he was a Research Fellow at NIE’s Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory (MERL) He continues to be an active member of MERL.

    His main research focus is on the applicability of mindfulness in human movements. Secondary research areas involve issues related to human peak functioning, such as motivation, gratitude, burnout, time perspective and flow. His inclination for interdisciplinary approach to research was developed during his stint at the Sante Fe Complex Systems Summer School in 2008. Accordingly, he endeavors to integrate the complex system approach into his research. 

    He also conducts adult education and corporate training on subject matters related to educational psychology, systems thinking and pedagogy.

    He codes in R and tweets @keefellow.  

    • PhD – National Taiwan Normal University
    • MSc (Exercise & Sport Studies) - Nanyang Technological University 
    • B. P.H. E – University of Western Australia
    • DACE – Institute of Adult Learning