Leadership Programmes

NIE consistently scans the horizon to monitor developing trends locally and globally and anticipate their impact on educational leadership development. NIE is open to new responses in the face of constant change and is willing to adopt novel strategies in the design of leadership programmes when merited. However, we recognise that change must not be at the expense of stability and suitability to the local context. The need to work with all stakeholders, conduct self evaluation, have high expectations and believe in the importance of balancing competing interests is paramount for the leadership development relevance and success.

Receptivity to innovation and change requires challenging conventional thinking and moving away from a single discipline-based approach to leadership development in a multi-disciplinary approach. The preparation of school leaders has become a conjoint effort involving NIE’s multiple Academic Groups and the Ministry of Education. Together with innovative leadership and an extraordinary corps of talented faculty we aim to design and implement leadership programmes that will meet the challenges and demands of a fast changing educational system. NIE designs and carries out programmes to develop leaders such as the Heads of Departments, Vice-Principals, Principals and Cluster Superintendents for the challenges and demands of a fast changing educational system.

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