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    Leadership Programmes

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    Professional Development Programmes & Courses

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    Professional Development Catalogue

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    Professional Development Pathway

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    Publications and Videos

Associate Dean,
Professional and
Leadership Development


Dr Trivina Kang

Assistant Dean,
Professional and
Leadership Development

Dr. THAVER Thana Luxshme

Dr Thaver Thana

Assistant Dean,
Professional and
Leadership Development

Miss Lucy Oliver FERNANDEZ

Dr Lucy Oliver

Through the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL), the National Institute of Education, Singapore, offers high quality and contextually relevant professional learning programmes that support teachers and other educational professionals as they master competencies required to become effective practitioners. We also have a range of leadership programmes to prepare and develop school leaders to lead with impact in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

The Professional and Leadership Development unit of GPL manages all professional and leadership programmes and courses delivered by NIE Academic Groups and visiting academics. The categories of programmes offered are:

Professional Development (Click here for more information)

Leadership Learning (Click here for more information)

Associate Dean (Professional and Leadership Development) oversees this unit and the various Professional and Leadership Development programmes and courses offered by NIE.