NIE has embarked on a 3-year partnership with IMDA to (1) setup Internet of Things @ NIE (IoT@NIE) ubiquitous learning environments to provide opportunities for educators to Explore, Experiment and Evolve as we move into a world of increasing interconnectedness and through this partnership, NIE to (2) provide support and aid in developing IoT teaching capabilities for MOE schools who are interested to embark on the IoT@Schools journey through professional sharing by NIE, IMDA and industry experts.

This partnership with IMDA, aims to allow educators and learners to co-design IoT learning experiences expounded in the NIE Teaching and Learning Framework through the following initiatives:

  1. IoT@NIE Learning Lab, a physical learning space at NIE campus
    • Key features of IoT@NIE Learning Lab:
      • A 3x3 tiled video wall that allows simultaneous multi-projection of IoT@NIE visualization platform, presentation materials and web conferencing for local/international collaboration and sharing purposes.
      • The lab as a makerspace for creation, invention and learning.
  2. IoT@NIE Living Lab, a network of weather stations and sensors installed around NIE campus to facilitate and simulate the continuous collection of real time authentic data
    • Key features of IoT@NIE Living Lab:
      • A grand installation of four weather stations at strategic locations around NIE campus that provide real time weather data 24/7 learners using the IoT@NIE online visualization platform for our geography and science.
      • Other smart experiment installations at NIE campus designed by learners using portable wireless sensors transforms NIE campus into a living science lab.
  3. The World as Our Classroom, an IoT@NIE online visualization platform co-designed and co-developed by NIE and industry experts for collection of data from Living Lab & open-source data from sensors placed locally/globally and smart data trend analysis allowing educators and learners to turn real world data into actionable insight like never before
    • Key features of the online visualization platform:
      • Real world data with animation
      • Displays real time image/video feed of sensors’ locations
      • Allow users to select multiple data points to compare and analyze trends
      • Allow users to “watch” data and activate an email alert
      • Responsive design to support different types of devices (laptops, mobile phones and tablets) to allow learning to take place anywhere, anytime


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