[NIE] Architechture - Dec 2012 -89

Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII)

  • The NIE GEII serves to support projects and collaborations that drive the institute’s international strategic interests. Here is one of the main initiatives which the NIE GEII participates in.

    Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII) with Harvard University

    NIE’s Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII) seeks to host prominent experts and well-known educational organisations so that a global and multi-disciplinary perspective may be shared among the global community. The team comprises Professor Tan Oon Seng, Professor Low Ee Ling and Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee.

    The NIE GEII is also part of a multinational project, in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education. With our other partner countries including Chile, China, Colombia, India, Mexico and USA, we discuss how to best prepare students for global citizenship and economic participation in the 21st century, including the need to acquire key competencies and learn skills, such as digital, civic, self-knowledge and interpersonal competencies, among others that go beyond the basics.

    Find out more at http://globaled.gse.harvard.edu/.