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  • The National Institute of Education (NIE), an institute of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is one of the leading teacher preparation institutions in the world, and has been an integral part of Singapore's education system since it was first established as the Teachers’ Training College in 1950. NIE has a strong reputation for evidence-informed higher degree, executive leadership and professional development programmes and courses for teachers, educators, researchers, policy makers, and other professions. These are delivered through the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL) with the support of the Academic Groups that represent a range of disciplines.

    Our faculty members are deeply passionate about teaching and learning. They are experts in education and many are also internationally renowned in their respective academic fields. Our aim is for our students and course participants to become thought leaders, skilful teachers, disciplinary experts and good researchers who can bring critical change in their respective professional contexts and academic fields. This aspiration is embodied in our philosophical statement of “Learning Differently, Leading Change”.

    We look forward to you joining us in one or more of our programmes as you embark on the next stage of your lifelong learning journey.

    Graduate Studies &
    Professional Learning

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    Associate Professor
    Ang Keng Cheng

  • Research is one of the most important tasks of an academic staff member in NIE. The outcomes of research have a strong impact on the professional development of the staff member, the academic standing of NIE, and the community at large. For a NIE staff member to conduct a good research project, a systematic research support structure is necessary. The Research Grants Management (RGM) unit at GPL supports staff members in securing research funding and in managing their research projects.

    GPL’s RGM unit reviews research proposals submitted by staff members, proofreads, and prepares them for submission to various funding sources, be it internally within NIE NTU or externally. It also manages all on-going funded research projects, working closely with various other offices and departments within NIE and NTU, such as the Office of Education Research (OER), NIE Finance, NIE Human Resource Department, NTU Research Support Office (RSO), and NTU Legal Support Office (LSO). In addition, the unit liaises with various external bodies on matters pertaining to the projects it manages.

    GPL’s RGM unit provides access to resources for staff members on grantsmanship (e.g. how to write grant proposals), and provides regular information on grant calls from various funding agencies (e.g. MOE, A*STAR, NRF, government ministries and statutory boards), and other external organisations based in Singapore and abroad.

    GPL’s RGM unit administers and manages various grants such as NIE Academic Research Fund (NIE AcRF), MOE Academic Research Fund (MOE AcRF) Tier 1, MOE AcRF Tier 2, Applied Research in Education Fund (ARiEF), and many others from external agencies. The list of on-going projects classified under each type of grant can be found here.  

    Associate Dean,
    Research Grants Management

    Kong Pui Wah

    Associate Professor
    Veni Kong

  • The Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Learning (GPL) currently oversees the following programmes:

    Higher Degree Programmes

    We deliver high quality and rigorous higher degree programmes that will challenge your thinking, develop your skills and boost your career prospects. With a long tradition of innovation in teacher education, our master’s and doctoral programmes have contributed to the academic and professional development of thousands of educators in Singapore. We are also seeing an increasing number of international students joining our alumni each year.

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    Professional and Leadership Development Programmes and Courses

    Through the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL), the National Institute of Education, Singapore, offers high quality and contextually relevant professional learning programmes that support teachers and other educational professionals as they master competencies required to become effective practitioners. We also have a range of leadership programmes to prepare and develop school leaders to lead with impact in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

    The Professional and Leadership Development unit of GPL manages all professional and leadership programmes and courses delivered by NIE Academic Groups and visiting academics.

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  • Publications and Videos

    This page gives an overview of the various publications and videos undertaken by the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL). 

    GPL is one of the programme offices in NIE that oversees the running of higher degree, executive leadership and professional development (in-service) programmes and courses. These are delivered with the support of the Academic Groups that represent a range of disciplines.

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  • We are located at the following address:  

    Office of Graduate Studies & Professional Learning
    National Institute of Education
    Nanyang Technological University
    Block 7 Level 3
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616

    If you have an enquiry on any aspect of our programmes and functions, you can contact us via the following:

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