• The Art Gallery


    The new art gallery will be a purpose built free-standing single-storey building situated next to the Nanyang Playhouse. The simple and elegant structure will make it an effective space for visual art exhibitions. The mission of the Art Gallery is to support the pedagogy, research and practice aspects in the Visual Art programme within the Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group. The Gallery programme features exhibitions by art student teachers, as well as local and international shows that are not only interesting and entertaining, but are cross disciplinary and on the cutting edge of contemporary visual art.

    Art Studios

    Mac Lab

    visualartsfacilities_maclab (2)

    Ceramics Studio


    Sculpture Studio


    Printmaking Studio


    Drawing Studio


  • musicfacilities_01

    The academic group has a large collection of classroom instruments, DVD's, recordings and teaching materials relevant to the delivery of a modern school music curriculum. It has a variety of Asian instruments and a comprehensive collection of orchestral and band instruments as well as a large number of upright and grand pianos. All teaching studios are equipped with audio-visual, Internet and computer facilities. In addition to its range of teaching studios and practice rooms, the Division has the following specialist facilities:

    Computer Music Facilities


    Computers have become an intrinsic part of music making today and the Computer Music Laboratory provides training that empowers music teachers to harness the expanding capabilities of hardware and software for teaching and composing. This laboratory features 13 computer music workstations featuring professional-caliber score notation, sound processing and MIDI sequencing software as well as Internet access. The academic group is a member of IRCAM, one of the foremost electronic music research centres in the world.


    The Lab is equipped with the following softwares:
    Cubase, Finale 2010, Sibelius and Sequel 2.

    Recording Studio


    The Recording Studio is a fully-equipped professional recording facility which features a DDA 24-channel mixer, a Tascam DA-88 multi-track recorder, a Tascam DA-30 II DAT Recorder, Crown amplifiers, KRK monitors and AKG/Neumann microphones. Auxiliary processing devices include DBX and Digitech effects processors. The power supply to the entire studio is regulated and purified by Furman power conditioners.
    The studio is also running a Hard disk based system, using Cubase as the main Digital Audio Workstation for recording.

    Keyboard Laboratory

    New Keyboard Lab

    The Keyboard Laboratory consists of 25 iMac workstations connection to a 49-keys keyboard. Various music composition software are installed, such as Garageband, Sibelius, Logic and Cubase.

    Other Music Studios

    Music Studio 2


    Music Studio 3


    Band Room


  • The Nanyang Playhouse



    The Nanyang Playhouse is a free-standing building close to the Arts Building. It houses purpose-built spaces for the Drama programme - performance area, workshop, rehearsal room, wardrobe, classroom and office. The performance area is a 'black box' - that is, it is predominantly black to minimise interference with all-round lighting design capacity and has no fixed seating.


    A flexible system of portable risers and platforms allows for many configurations of audience seating and temporary stage arrangements. Seating numbers vary according to the setup used: the maximum is around 150 and 120 could be regarded as optimal. The spaces constitute the Drama programme's teaching areas as well as being used for performance. Other programmes and groups may request use of the theatre; the main considerations will be whether the space can be made free at the requested times and the limits of available technical manpower. The Drama programme operates from within the Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group.


  • Students can now make bookings for VPA facilities via the online booking form by scanning the QR code available outside every studio or at


    For more details, download the guide below.