Policy, Curriculum and Leadership

Academic Group

  • Inspiring leaders, empowering educators

    The Policy, Curriculum and Leadership (PCL) AG studies, researches and analyzes topics of significance in the fields of policy, curriculum and leadership studies as well as related topics in education in order to discern innovative and critical insights for the sake of advancing these fields and making a scholarly or professional impact.

    The AG is constituted by professors, lecturers as well as seconded teaching fellows from the MOE, and It aspires to communicate evidence-informed or critically reflective ideas through its courses and programmes.

    Head, Policy, Curriculum and Leadership
    Dr Jude Chua

    Associate Professor
    Chua Soo Meng, Jude

  • The PCL AG has experts in a variety of methodologies who develop cutting edge work to push the frontiers of educational and related debates in policy, curriculum and leadership studies. We are able to supervise post-graduate qualitative and quantitative empirical work as well as rigorous theoretical or philosophical studies leading to important contributions to scholarship and professional practice. Faculty also draw on their scholarly work to develop relevant programmes in education. Areas of interest of faculty encircle policy, curriculum and leadership, as well as surrounding and related educational topics.

    ERFP Projects

    S/N Title of Research Principal Investigator(PI)/co-PI from PCL End Date (As at Mar 2020)
    1 Teacher Motivation and Practices: Leadership Antecedents and Student Outcomes Ast/P Luo Wenshu, Serena (PI) A/P Ng Pak Tee (co-PI) A/P Hairon Salleh (co-PI) Dr Choong Pek Lan (co-PI) 5/31/2020
    2 Immigrant Teachers in Singapore Schools: Trajectories, Identities, and Integration A/P Sim Boon Yee Jasmine (co-PI) 6/30/2020
    3 Effectiveness of Teacher Leaders in Singapore Schools: Context, Construct and Causality A/P Hairon Salleh (PI) A/P Goh Wee Pin, Jonathan (co-PI) 12/31/2020
    4 Vice-Principals in Singapore: Key Leadership Roles, Enablers and Constraints Dr Kang Lu-Ming, Trivina (co-PI) 6/15/2020
    5 Teacher Learning with Classroom Assessment in Singapore Schools Ast/P Jiang Heng (PI) A/P Fang Yanping (co-PI) 12/31/2020
    6 Navigating Diversities and Differences in Singapore Schools: An Exploratory Study of Students' Intercultural Mindedness Dr Mardiana Bte Abu Bakar (co-PI) 11/13/2020
    7 Building an Evidence-Base to Support Teacher Growth: A Career-Long Perspective (Phase I) A/P Ng Pak Tee (co-PI) 8/31/2020
    8 Pathways to Meaningful Careers:Understanding Successes and Challenges in the Transitions from School to Work for Singapore's ITE students Dr Mardiana Bte Abu Bakar (co-PI) 1/31/2022
    9 Teacher Resilience in Singapore Assoc Prof Yanping FANG (PI) 8/1/2021
    10 Scaling UP the Education Research: MAGICAL (SUPER-MAGICAL): Use of Comics in Teaching Mathematics A/P Lim Lee Hean (co-PI) 6/30/2020
    11 Examining Teachers' Conceptions and Use of Reflection to Understand Their Practice Dr Christina Lim-Arasaratnam (co-PI) 10/31/2020

    Planning Grant

    S/N Title of Research Principal Investigator(PI)/co-PI from PCL End Date (As at Mar 2020)
    1 Understanding the Enactment of Equity-Centred Teaching Practice in the Singapore Context Dr Chang Wen-Chia (PI) 14-Aug-20
    2 Purpose and Meaning for Singaporean Society: The Impact of the Future of Work on Individual Purpose and the Role of Education A/P Mary Anne Heng (co-PI) 30-Sep-20
    3 Leading Differentiated Instruction: Perspectives from the Middle Dr Lucy Oliver Fernandez (PI) Dr Christina Ratnam-Lim Tong Li (co-PI) A/P Mary Anne Heng (co-PI) 31-Oct-21
    4 Principals as Leaders of Future-Ready Learners in the Singapore Education System: Roles and Implications on Principalship Training Dr Zoe Boon Suan Loy (PI) 31-Mar-22